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Five Sentence Fiction – Whimsical   Her hair filled with ribbons, tied up into bows. A red velvet cloak draping down to her toes. A coy little smile and those fluttering eyes, but don’t be taken in by her whimsical disguise.   Fingers that are capable of grabbing and twisting; she is not one to be […]


Five sentence fiction – ache.   The muscles in my legs and my straining lungs ache. Breathing is laboured and a sprint becomes a jog. I can’t keep this up forever, I know that. Eventually I’ll have to slow to a walk, bend over to catch my breath, stop completely. I look over my shoulder; […]

The weekly photo challenge demanded a selfie: here it is. Can you spot me? This was taken a few years ago. Art in London on a grey day. A big mirror in the park.

Frozen   The cold was such that she wrapped a scarf around her hair under her hat, then put on another to cover the bottom half of her face. She didn’t really want to go outside. The house was warm, hot chocolate could be made, a film and a blanket sounded good. But there was […]


Some of my favourite objects are housed here.    


Reading alone is sweet. Escaping to another world at the touch of a yellowing page. But sweeter still is reading side by side. Adventuring together, each in our own story. Sometimes we stop, look up, smile. That smile lingers as my eyes return to the page. Knowing that we are at once miles apart and so so close.   Now you’re not […]


Five Sentence Fiction – Sparks Crackle, sizzle, snap. The burning building was an arsonist’s delight. Golden sparks like a million stars raced to join their brothers in the heavenly firmament above. She stayed to feel the delicious heat on her cheeks, until she heard the far away sound of sirens. Then, tucking the matches down […]

Friday Fictioneers   They walked the long path from the village to the town. She didn’t quite dare to take his hand, just as she hadn’t dared these past two years. They had spent a happy childhood together, jumping over the fence which separated their respective gardens to play and play. Now they were young […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family   Pets have always made up a big part of our family (although the pony is not ours… I wish!) Beautiful evening sunlight in North Wales.

Five Sentence Fiction – Clutch A pearl-clutching know-it-all, that’s what she was. Reactionary and conservative – she didn’t understand him. Never, ever would. Even so, he couldn’t help but love her. She was his mother, after all.

Beltane Fire Society

Formed in 1988, Beltane Fire Society is a community arts performance charity that hosts the Beltane Fire Festival and Samhuinn Fire Festival in Edinburgh.

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