More interesting than the bus.


Friday Fictioneers.


That girl three rows back, laughing into her mobile phone.

A sullen teenager staring at the landscape as it whizzes by, drowning out the world with thumping music emanating from comically large headphones.

The baby crying, pausing only to suck in lungfuls of air.

A middle aged woman popping chewing gum rolling through with the trolley of snacks, looking at me pointedly before I shake my head; thank you but no.

And me, wearing my eighty-three years proudly, watching them all. Perhaps train travel isn’t what it once was, but at least it’s more interesting than the bus.



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  1. and probably more comfortable… nice sketch.

  2. I may not be quite that august but I do agree that simply sitting in watching is very underrated. The world is interesting when you listen!

  3. Dear Stevie,

    Eighty-three years orbiting the sun gives you the advantage of a lofty perspective. Well crafted.



  4. Dear Stevie,

    I love her observations. Nice one.



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